RETHINK Exceptional Title Service.


RETHINK Title Services and Real Estate Closings.

RETHINK Title is dedicated to providing exceptional title services and real estate closings to all of its residential and commercial customers. Our staff is available to answer your questions – promptly. We understand that errors cause delays in time and money, which is why we are committed to delivering accurate closing documents quickly in a professional and courteous manner. We draw upon our many years of experience in the real estate closing process, financing, and real estate law to identify and quickly address any areas of concern to avoid any delays in the settlement.


Ready to close on your home

When you are ready to close on your home, our team has the expertise to deliver the peace of mind that comes from a smooth closing process. As a full service real estate title company, we provide personal attention and efficient results throughout the entire settlement process.

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Many home buyers trust the advice of their agent or lender to recommend a title company. Our attorneys and closers have experience working with many real estate agents and lenders and have gained a respected reputation for accurate, efficient and seamless real estate closings.

RETHINK Commercial.

Commercial real estate

Our team of commercial real estate attorneys and closers understands the complexity of commercial real estate closings. We are invested in your success and committed to making your real estate goals a reality.

RETHINK Contracts.

Documents prepared with accuracy

We research the title, examine all current and previous owners and interest holders, as well as any open mortgages, liens, judgments or taxes.

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We insure that your purchase is exactly what you’re expecting and facilitate the transfer of the title from seller to buyer. We then prepare closing documents accurately to reflect the purchase agreements, and subsequently record the deed following the closing date.

RETHINK Insurance.

Assurance, protection, coverage

Title insurance provides homebuyers with vital protection against losses from certain title issues including forgery, fraud, and liens.

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We correct problems that might limit a homeowner’s use of their property, which are not uncovered during the title search process. An owner’s policy is your protection against problems that can arise after the purchase of your property.

RETHINK Title offers polices through First American Ttitle Insurance and Escrow Agency. First American Title has been in the title business since the 1890s and for more than a century, First American has been an industry leader focused on a commitment to service, efficiency, and accuracy as it continues to develop advanced technology solutions to speed processing should the need for a claim arise.


"When you think of your real estate, think location. When you think of your title company, think service: RETHINK TITLE."